quarta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2015

' How deep is your desire to win on life, and be the best?! How deep are you going to go trying to achieve the success?! Pay attention on the answer, because that is a life changing moment. This decision will turn you into a better man, or drag you to the beggining again. You don't have the time to worry about things that don't deserve. Life is too fucking short and when you look to the clock again it will be tonight, already. Prepare yourself for the challenges, they won't stop coming. And that's the true meaning of being successful! If you can go trough all the barriers without losing faith on yourself and your purposes, you will be what you always want. And the best part of everything that I just said, do you really need me to say?! It all just depends on your will to win, on being the best of what you do, on giving everything you have for your dreams. I believe on you! Can you do the same?! '

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